MUA Back to Work, COVID Essentials

Ashley Fierro blog

I have been back to work since June 19th and I am humbled to say it has been gang-busters busy! Everything from TV Commercials, Viral Videos, Weddings, Clients in my studio and Private Clients. I had some ah-ha moments while working and moments where I was thanking my lucky stars I had a specific item with me.

After experiencing quite a few “work settings,” I thought I would pass along some items that I literally cannot work without now. REMEMBER! Every city, county, state and country will have different protocols. I am not going to dive into that here. I am just sharing items that made doing my job so much easier. Check out my video on HOW I use some of these items.

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Just a few more items that I have found helpful & WHY! Shop each item below!

  • You never can have enough towels on hand when working on location. I use them to keep a barrier between my kit and whatever surface I need to be working on. I usually carry at least 4 on hand all the time.
  • Sounds silly but fly aways are the worst! Fixing your hair mid-application means you have to re-sanitize or potentially break out a new pair of gloves. Gone are the days of being super cute on set. Pull your hair back and get to business and save time. Plus these are biodegradable – Bonus!
  • Wearing a mask keeps you from wanting to drink or stay hydrated. Wearing a mask can also lower your oxygen levels so saying hydrated is key! Travel with a water cup EVERYWHERE! I bought this quad for my hubby’s 40th b-day trio to Mexico and they are all still in perfect shape (comes with a straw too!)
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  • I feel like this goes without saying that gloves are a must in your kit (even before COVID). I like black gloves (feels less medical) and I wear size Medium. Stock up – you will use more than you think!
  • UVC Sanitation wand uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold and other health hazards. Naturally eliminates germs that cause colds, infections, asthma and allergic reactions. I use this all over every surface of my kit!
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  • These sterile stickers allow you to warm makeup up on the back of your hand, without it coming into contact with your skin. I use on-top of my glove. Comes in a 50-pack.
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