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A natural approach to beauty!

I have been saying it for years – I have centered my business around it and now … finally it is starting to be the norm. We see it in the drug store brands and now we see it on the biggest stage in the world. THANK YOU Jessica Alba and Honest Beauty, thank you Drew Berrymore and Flower, thank you Christina Aguileria (and her new stripped down look) … and thank you Meghan Markle!

Let’s be real, Insta-Glam is still very much a thing and there are quite a few people rocking this look and making a lot of money off it as well. And listen, I respect the artistry and the game of that world … but at the end of the day it has never been “me.” But that is MY BRAND – “Natural Radiant Beauty.”

So what is your brand?

Not sure what style of makeup your brand represents? That’s ok! Let me walk you through some self-assessment questions straight from the Business of Makeup course to help clear this up. (Oh and by the way, as your career moves along, it is ok for this to change and tweak a little!)

How do you Operate?
Are you super type-A? Crazy organized? Less interested in details and more interested in the big picture? Get overwhelmed easily?

Who is your Ideal Client?
What does she look like, where does she shop, what kind of makeup does she love?

How do you like to Spend Your Time?
What does your ideal day look like? Do you like to sleep in? Do you need to get in a work out everyday? Are you most productive working from home in your PJs?

Understanding where you land on these questions really identifies the type of artist you are, want to be and really … how you should be representing yourself to the world. Maybe you will land on the natural beauty side, maybe you will realize that you like the security of working for a brand and what that brand already represents, or maybe you are glam all-day every-day! It’s all GREAT! But clearing that up will really expedite attracting the clients you want.

Remember, a well-rounded artist can do it all! But to become an expert at a specific style allows you to attract clients that want what you are best at – which is a win-win because you get to spend your time and make money at what you want to be doing (oh and you usually can charge more for it!).

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