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Ahead of the Curve: Top Tips for New Makeup Artists

Congratulations! About to graduate? Or just dipping your toe into trying to make it as a Makeup Artist?

This is for you! I am giving you my Top Tips for New Makeup Artists to get your foot in the door and land your dream job – even before graduation!

Which means you need to be presenting a professional image- both in person and on your social media. Do a clean sweep in your closet and make sure everything that is worn to work, you wouldn’t mind showing up in a photo on social media or even a magazine. I have a pretty solid “uniform” of tops and pants that I wear just for work. Helps save me time and also gives me a consistent look that my client can expect.
Make sure you extend that sweep to social media as well! Delete anything you wouldn’t want a client or potential client to see. Untag or unfollow groups or people that might have photos of you posted that don’t show you in a good light.

You might feel held back because you don’t have your certification or license yet, but you can start pursuing opportunities to gain related experience. Think: Assisting, salon reception, volunteering for non-beauty related services at fashion shows, etc. Be sure to keep a detailed record of dates, names of people and list of duties you did. Another idea is to attend trade shows where you can practice your “Who I Am Statement” and introduce yourself to influential people in the industry. (Want to know how to make your Who I am Statement – get on the Business of Makeup Waitlist)

Your portfolio is a priority and it will be an ongoing evolution for your entire career – so start now! It is also a very helpful and powerful tool that some might argue is essential in your job search post graduation (that person would be me!). Make sure you have different styles of makeup and ethnicities, as well as in studio and natural light. Always be updating! Pay attention to trends and adjust accordingly. Same rules apply to your website if you have one.

You may have a specific path or goal in mind that might be centered around a specific style of makeup: Bridal Artist, Editorial, Special Effects, etc. Early in your career I encourage you to dabble a little so you can rule things in or out! Once you find what you love, make sure you find a mentor, lead artist or brand with educators that you can work under until you get more experience under you belt and you get trained in all the in’s and out’s of your specific style of makeup.

You want to get as many people in your chair as possible, even it its your significant other. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Men, women, kids, different skin tones, textures, skin issues will help you gain confidence and clearly show you what you need to have in your kit.

Networking will be critical to growing not only your tribe of artist friends and colleagues, but ultimately to help you get jobs. Make sure you stay organized and have a ‘follow up plan’ with the people you come across. Building relationships and making connections will be the mainstay in a long-term successful career.

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