Linda L., Long Beach 7/3/17

Ashley Fierro testimonials

Ashley is Absolutely Amazing!

We were blessed by her professional presence last month when she so lovingly provided her services for our daughter, Erika’s wedding in Long Beach. Not only did Ashley drive through that horrendous Memorial Day traffic to be there early enough to do all our makeup, but she also stayed late into the evening, to show support for our family. She provided each of us with an incredible make-up session, and then proceeded to assist the photographer during the extremely intense photo session, which was partly done outdoors, shot against unusual street backgrounds, running up and down the stairs, helping to insure that the bridal shots were perfect.

In my opinion, she is the ultimate professional when it comes to transforming each client into the most stunning creation possible. Her knowledge & experience, plus her winning personality & calming presence, work together, hand in hand, to make each individual feel relaxed & confident, almost as if they are the only person in the room.

Ashley is a Blessing, and I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone based on the confidence that she will satisfy & please each prospective client’s needs!

Linda L., Long Beach 7/3/17