IMATS 2018

Ashley Fierro blog

Let’s talk IMATS!  This year, I had the honor of teaching my very own class at IMATS LA 2018.  I have taught before but along side the amazing Melissa Street and Dominique D’Angelo for a brand doing actual makeup.  But this time was on my own with my own content on BUSINESS … and it was amazing!

I decided to teach the core of your brand identity … because let’s be real … changing your pricing, marketing, ad spends, contracts, fill in the blank, won’t ever work if you are not being true to your brand.  “But I have a logo and a website Ashley,” I hear you saying in your head.  THAT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE AS A BRAND!  Who you are as a brand is how you operate, what brings you joy, what you are excellent at, the types of clients you want, how you want to be spending your time, why you are different than the other artist in you area … and more.  I wrap all of this up in something I have called the WHO I AM STATEMENT.  The WHO I AM STATEMENT is the first thing we do in the Business of Makeup® courses because we can overhaul our brands and businesses if you don’t know this – IN DEPTH.

If you are feeling sad that you missed learning this content, I also teach this concept (though a little “lighter”) in my LIVE Webinar I host to kick off the enrollment of the Business of Makeup® courses.  The webinar is coming soon (hint!  The first week of Feb) so make sure you are on my waitlist so you are the first to know!

In the meantime, enjoy some images from the class!