Guide to Business Holiday Gifting 2019

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“The best time of the year” is officially around the corner. The seasons are changing, scented candles are burning on every coffee table, Starbucks is perfecting their gingerbread lattes, and even Target has the dollar bins stacked in winter decor. The holidays are coming in hot, and it’s easy to get wrapped up planning for this season’s memories and fun! Let’s not forget about other important planning that should be taking place, like gifting! NOW is the time to start thinking about what you are going to be gifting to your clients, top referrers, preferred vendors or students.

Some of you may wonder “Why am I buying my clients gifts?” So let me take a moment to tell you WHY YOU SHOULD BE GIFTING. To start, everyone loves gifts and especially an unexpected one. Your clients and preferred vendors are not expecting anything from you which puts very little pressure to spend too much, but it also makes the gift much more meaningful. Gifting shows that you are generous, thoughtful, appreciative and shows that you value the relationship between you and the giftee. Although these gifts are not at all meant to be self-serving, the chances that you will get some very appreciative customers and vendors who will think of you the next time they are looking to refer someone, is quite high, and will be worth every penny spent!

Okay, so now that I’ve got you gifting, you may wonder, “WHAT SHOULD I GIFT?” The honest answer is almost anything you’d like yourself! It can be something makeup related, like a lipgloss or your favorite eye masks. It could be something branded, like a compact or mug you had your logo put on. It can also be something simple you just happen to like, such as a yummy candle, a local coffee, or even fancy soap! No matter what it is, it should be a reflection somewhat of who you are or your brand so that when the client sees or uses the product they immediately think of you and your generosity! It’s important to remember that depending on the clients you are gifting to, you can (and should) buy specifically for that person. So if it’s a preferred vendor who had a big impact on you this past year and/or sent you a lot of referrals it is wise to spend more on them to show your appreciation, than say a one-time student. Buy different tiers of gifts and keep the individual in mind when you’re buying for the top tier especially … if you know “she” loves fresh flowers, then give the woman flowers!! Here are some of my favorite items for 2019 to gift and some ideas for you to snag for your clients too:

1. FaceTory Collection Facial Mask Set | For all Skin Types (10 Count)
Face masks! Break them up into multiple gifts with this 10 count bundle: Hydrating, Purifying, Soothing, Moisturizing, Revitalizing.

Less than $2 a facemask makes this a budget-friendly option to send 1 mask to each client! The branding is so cute you don’t need to add anything else. Just pop in an envelope with a note and you are done!
($19.21 for 10 Count – Amazon)

An on the go line smoothing device! Microcurrents target the appearance of lines and wrinkles in 3 minutes.

As a fan of their ENTIRE product line, the mini wand makes lifting this tired mama’s face so quick and easy. Also, a great gift idea for fellow Makeup Artists because you can use this on clients who ask ” Can you make me look 10 years younger?” Well yes you can with the NUFACE FIX.

3. Zodiac Bar Soap
What a simple way to personalize a gift! Who doesn’t love a fancy bar soap – especially when you are bound to have more guests in the house!
($9 bar – Anthropology)

4. Farmgirl Flowers
Fresh Flowers just put a smile on your face! They brighten up a room and they will have this lasting affect on your clients too! Try to curate them to match your clients personality and preferences if possible!
(Gifts starting at $8 – Farmgirl Flowers)

5. Bath Bombs
Who doesn’t love a bath bomb?! They scream “relaxation”, and everyone loves and needs more of that!! Come in a large pack as much like these other two items and could be a great gift solo or packaged together.
(Set of 12 for $26.80 – Amazon)

6. Eye Masks
Rejuvenating for all! Great for all types of clients, easy to ship and a crowd pleaser! Comes in a pack at a good price for you to break up and disperse.
(10 for $5.95 – Amazon)

7. Letter Mugs
Personal touch with your clients initial, which is thoughtful and clearly not a “one for all” gift – which people appreciate. Good price and timeless. Take it one step further and pop in some treats or specialized tea or coffee.
($10 – Anthropology)

8. Voluspa Mini Candle Set
Break these babies up and gift to three people at an affordable price! Everyone appreciates a yummy candle, period, the end.
($24 – Set of 3 – Anthropology)

9. Ice Roller
Your clients will thank you big time for this slice of heaven! This gift is super refreshing and unexpected! They will use it often and think of you!
($12.99 – Amazon)

10. Lucky Stars Mini Lip Gloss Kit
This MAC set that can be broken up and paired with another item or solo which is easily shipped. We all love a fresh lipgloss and these minis are the perfect size for going out or stashing in your car! Available in Neutral or Pink tones.
($24.50 for a set of 3 – MAC)

11. Travel Wet Brush Trio
This mini wet brush is a life saver. Keep it in your purse, set bag, car, diaper bag, etc. and tackle any tangles that fly your way! Great price point and could be personalized with your logo sticker on the back if you wished, or hung like an ornament!
($12.99 for 3 – Amazon)

12. Starbucks or Coffee/Tea Gift Card
This needs very little explanation. Caffeine!! We all love a Starbucks card and although it isn’t personal, it is a great gift!!
These are always great to have on hand!
($10 multi-pack – Amazon)

13. Champagne
Your preferred vendors will appreciate this generous gift of bubbles!! Champagne is a celebratory drink and the end of the year is a good time to celebrate your accomplishments and work together!! Cheers!

14. Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask
Your clients lips will thank you later! This product is one of my absolute favorites because it works! Order the big pack for more bang for your buck and pass those babies out like candy!
($18.94 – 6 pack – Amazon)

15. 2020 Astrotwins Horoscope Guide
I love this guide and I look forward to it every year! It’s fun and if you sign up you can get 15% off! Like minded clients and vendors will love it too! Available in book form or digital download.
($24.95 – $34.95 – Astrotwins Shop)