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It’s a New Year and we are all hyper-focused on how we are going to make next year better than the last. We all want our clients to return again and again. But in the makeup world, people do not get their makeup done like clock-work as they do with their hair. When they leave our chair, we are not setting the next appointment for 6-weeks later.

So many artists get frustrated trying to drum up all these new ‘one-time’ clients to pay the bills. The reality is that yes, as MUA’s we need to be spending time attracting new clients in the door. But the real money comes from building long-term relationships with existing clients. This is what we call bread-and-butter clients who consistently return and refer you to their network.

Return customers help save you money, time and energy. They are walking advertisements. It has been proven that it takes 5-10 times the amount of investment to reach a new client and get them in try you out for the first time as it does to get them to come back. If you have taken the Business of Makeup® you know I harp of the concept of “like, know and trust.” Your goal is to get this potential client to like you, get to know you (as a friend ideally) and trust your skill and expertise. Once someone likes you, knows you and trusts you – you have a fan or client for life. This statistic is just another way of showing you that once you get someone into your business and you do a great job with their service you are primed to get them as a forever client. You have started them down the like, know and trust path – making that person much more likely to come back for a future service.

To help you turn your existing clients into return clients I have a few tips and resources for you!

1. Products: If you offer products in your salon or studio, savvy business owners know that once a client knows, likes and trusts you, they are more likely to take your recommendation on how to re-create the look you made for them. If you do sell your client products, have a good follow up plan to touch base with them and make sure they are using and liking the products, and that you are available to answer any questions they may have.
2. Professionalism: Everything from clearly informing your client where to park, how to come, what to expect when they come in for a service with you is just as important as the service. Everything from your voicemail, email signature, and the scent of the candle you have lit all impact your clients perception of you and how professional you are. Remember everything you do reflects in your brand.
3. Client Focus: Keeping a face chart and record of the specifics of your last appointment are critical to showing you appreciate and respect their patronage. Not only do you remember they preferred a specific moisturizer and they would “never wear liner on the bottom,” but also the specifics of their life. Maybe your client came in 6 months ago and mentioned their daughter was off to college … remembering to ask how school is going for their child is really a simple way to show you care.


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