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It is about that time again … and that time is THE HOLIDAYS! Actually they are pretty much upon us! So NOW is the time to start thinking about what you are going to be gifting to your clients, top referrers, or students.

Never gifted before? Let’s talk about WHY YOU SHOULD BE GIFTING.
No one expects their Makeup Artist to send them a gift. It completely sets you apart from the rest. They are left feeling so appreciated! And … depending on what you gift, it is an awesome chance to get them hooked on a new product you carry.

So I know you are asking yourself …WHAT TO GIFT?
The reality is that it can be anything! It could be a makeup product or something makeup related … like a lip gloss, a makeup bag or your favorite blotting sheets. Or it could be something that you just love! An adorable picture frame, a trio of your favorite tea’s, or even a cute business card holder. It should just represent you, your brand, or even your personality! If your clients know you love candy or candles … then you know what you should give!
Also, remember that you don’t have to give the same gift to all kinds of clients. You can have a few gift options for your different client types.

WHEN TO GIVE? The sooner the better! Being a makeup artist is different than being a hair stylist – your client is likely not coming in every 5 weeks like clockwork. (But luckily with the holidays, your clients are more inclined to get their makeup done for the parties and family photos – so it may be more likely to see them.) I like to select a gift that is easily mailable! If my client isn’t scheduled to come in or we don’t have a shoot before the New Year, I pop the gift in the mail ASAP!
Have way too much going on? Well consider a New Year’s Gift or even a Valentine’s Day Gift! Nothing wrong with being a little different.

HOW MUCH TO SPEND? Holiday gifting is about showing your appreciation to your client. We have to remember, there are A LOT of makeup artists out there and they chose us. You don’t have to spend a lot. You can find some adorable mugs in the dollar section at Target – just sayin’! This year, the items I am having made are under $8. If you think about what your client spends with you, this is a tiny investment in your long-term relationship with them.