7 Ways to Think About Your Business

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As I come down from the IMATS high of teaching at the biggest makeup show in the world, it makes me think a lot about my path … How I got to where I am today? If you know my story, it is a twisty rollercoaster that took a direction I never would have imagined.

It makes me wonder … Do you struggle to know if you are on the right path … for you? The path to success? The path to your dreams?

I decided to put together 7 Ways to Think About Your Business as a way to see the deeper meaning in what we do.

1. Wellness. Your client comes to you for your expertise, but also relaxation. You are taking a “chore” or a point of stress off their plate. Create an atmosphere for positivity. And you create a work-space of calm serenity! Who doesn’t want to spend their day doing that!?

2. Self-Growth. Look ahead and think about where you want to be in one year, even 5 years. Look where in your business or personal life that needs work and commit to doing one thing a week or month to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

3. Stay Empowered. Focus on your goals by posting them where you can see them daily. See the life that you can create. When problems arise, don’t let them become roadblocks.

4. Law of Attraction. You attract what you put out in the world. If you don’t like your clients, look inward to see what you are putting out. Your time with your clients should fulfill both of you.

5. Seek to Understand. Listening to your clients needs, fears and insecurities brings you two closer. It allows you to be a conduit to help them through their challenges.

6. Education. ALWAYS keep learning. If you allow yourself, you can learn from every person you interact with in every situation of your life.

7. Something Bigger. Be apart of something bigger than yourself. We have the power to heal, ease stress and boost self-esteem. It is about the transformation of our client. Remember this.

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