30 Ways to Become an Elite MUA

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I have been spending some time thinking about that makes someone an “elite.” The dictionary defines Elite as “ a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.”

What makes a makeup artist, business owner, entrepreneur reach a level in their business where they are superior to the rest? The fact of the matter is that high functioning / prosperous / effective people and entrepreneurs do things differently. It comes down to small, daily choices which set them apart from the rest.

Do you want greatness? Do you want to be among the elite?

As a kid my dad used to always say, “Is today going to be a good day or a bad day? It’s up to you to decide.” Which really sucked to listen to as a teen, but he was 100% right. We get to decide on how our business looks, functions and how we approach it.

Therefore, I have decided to compile a list of routines, practices, skills, and conscious choices that elite business owners practice and that I have been working on for years! Not only do these help with focus and productivity, but they also can help improve your overall life.

30 Ways to Become an Elite Makeup Artist
1. Be Authentic.
2. Be organized. In life and in your business.
3. Drink water and eat healthy food – your business relies on you being able to work.
4. Focus.
5. Protect your time.
6. If you’re not scared, you are not pushing yourself enough.
7. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are.
8. Read more.
9. Never be late.
10. Never stop learning.
11. Turn off phone notifications.
12. Protect your energy.
13. Set boundaries.
14. Do more.
15. Pick up your brushes everyday.
16. Be present.
17. Say No – a lot.
18. Smile when you are on the phone ( or look in the mirror when you are talking).
19. Talk less. (Listen more.)
20. Sleep.
21. Commit to taking the steps to hitting your goals.
22. Meditate. Take a shower. Exercise. Clear your mind once a day.
23. Follow your gut – on everything.
24. Figure out what you want.
25. Speak concisely.
26. Make lists.
27. Automate.
28. Wake up early.
29. Dress the part.
30. Show up. Don’t show off.

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